We began in 2013 with a vision to provide a hassle free platform for people wanting to realise the value of their unwanted handbags. With a network of consumers and collectors around the world we are able to make competitive offers for handbags of all shapes and sizes.

With a history of selling some of the finest and most desirable handbags along with more esoteric, we are able to determine an accurate market value for such goods.

Secondhand Baggage was started by Natasha Blades after becoming frustrated at the lack of seller protection and certainty involved in selling a bag independently through eBay and alike. Having grown up submersed in the fashion industry as the daughter of worldwide fashion e-tailer Jules B (JulesB.co.uk) she has developed a love and a knowledge for all things luxury.

In this world we live in, such luxury goods are often discarded as a result of personal taste, trends and circumstances. Our aim is to help people realise the value tied up in their unwanted handbags sitting gathering dust in their wardrobes.